Tourist Visa

Tourist visas are for individuals who intend to travel to a country for touristic visits such as visiting historical sites or engaging in leisurely activities.. The validity of a tourist visa can vary greatly depending on the country and, in certain situations, the amount paid.


Business Visa

Business visas are for applicants who travel abroad for purposes such as holding meetings, consulting,  soliciting sales, or signing contracts. These are short term trips the traveler undertakes as part of their normal job operation. Business travelers are paid by the company in their home country and not by the inviting party.


Visitor / Private visa

This visa type is similar to the tourist visa listed above with the exception that your intent is to stay with friends or family in the country. In lieu of a hotel reservation your visa application will require documents showing the relationship between the applicant and your in country contact.


Conference visa

For applicants attending a specific short term conference, seminar, or workshop a conference visa is required. Usually, the validity is shorter and meant specifically to attend one event. 


Work Visa

Work visas are for travelers who intend to receive payment for the labor they perform while visiting the country. Work visas can be short or long term depending on the nature of the assignment. Long term assignments may require the traveler to establish permanent residence upon arriving in the country.


Student Visa

Anyone seeking to pursue a full course of study at a school may require a visa for the duration of the visit. In some cases, they may be required for those spending a semester studying abroad. Visa validity varies depending on the length of the coursework.


Transit Visa

This is a very short validity visa meant for travelers transiting through the country to an onward destination country. Please note: A visa is not usually required for applicants who intend only to transit in the airport under 24 hours without passing through immigration.


For more details about specific types of visas regarding a specific visa class, please contact us at or by calling toll-free at 1-800-345-6541.

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