Too busy to obtain a professional passport style photograph? VisaHQ can help!

Travelers and travel arrangers have the ability to upload photographs to traveler profiles within their account either before or after an order has been placed. As long as you meet the specified requirements,  Once signed in to your VisaHQ user account, click your name to access the drop-down menu and click "My Applicants"

You will now be able to view all of your applicant (traveler) profiles.

  1. Select the desired applicant profile
  2. Click the Upload button
  3. Select Photo

Note: If you do not see your traveler, click "Add applicant" to create an additional profile.

A pop-up will appear where you will have the option to either upload a photo or take a photo with your webcam. Select your desired option.

Note: All photos must meet the requirements of the embassy or consulate and will be reviewed by VisaHQ Client Services before being printed.

Select a photo file to upload.

You now have the ability to edit the photo before confirming the upload. VisaHQ's photo widget will guide you through the process. Once you have edited your photo to your liking, click "Save"

Your photo has now been uploaded to your account! You now have the option to print, download, email, or make additional edits. Click the X to exit the photo widget.

Now that you have uploaded a photo, you will see that any traveler with a photo will display the photo thumbnail in their profile.

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