Note that this process is only for VisaHQ for Business Clients

To apply for a visa with VisaHQ for Business:

1. On your VisaHQ for Business platform's landing page, select "Apply for a visa"

2. Enter following information for the traveler:

  • Citizenship (citizenship of the traveler)
  • Where do you live (where the traveler resides)
  • Traveling destination (country)
  • Purpose of travel (type of visa)

You can also view requirements for additional destination countries by clicking “Add another destination

Click "Apply for a visa"

3. The VisaHQ system will return the visa and entry requirements for your destination based on your selected citizenship and residence. The tab on the right side of the screen will indicate if a visa is required or not and if VisaHQ can offer assistance. The system will also display what is needed to apply for your requested document as well as the applicable service fee and estimated processing time.

Once you have reviewed the entry requirements, you can start your order by clicking "Start Order"

4. Depending on your account, the next step will present three options:

  • If you do not have an existing traveler profile in your account, you will be prompted to create a new traveler profile
  • If you have a single profile in your account (i.e. yourself), you may proceed with verifying your profile information or add a new traveler profile
  • If you have multiple traveler profiles in your account, you may select an existing traveler profile or add a new traveler profile.

Select your applicant, country, and click "Continue"

5. If you have selected an existing traveler profile, the system will prompt you to review the traveler's information for accuracy.

Once you have ensured that the traveler's information is up to date, click "Save and continue"

6. You will then be able to complete your destination country's SmartForm application questionnaire. Answer all questions in a truthful and accurate manner. If you need to to exit the application, your progress will be saved.

Once you have completed the SmartForm, click "Save and continue"

7. You will now need to confirm your shipping and delivery options. Depending on your home country, VisaHQ offers a wide variety of shipping options from vetted local suppliers. You also have the option of providing your own shipping. Select the options that work best for you and click "Continue"

8. Review your order details and enter your payment information. You are also able to enter a note that will appear on your receipt. After confirming your payment details, click "Place order"

9. Your order has been successfully placed. You will now receive order confirmation along with the list of required documentation and instructions to complete your order. The confirmation details will also be sent via email.

To review the details of your order, click "Finish"

10. You will now be on the Visa Order dashboard, where you can view all of your visa orders. You can also upload photographs, obtain a receipt, or track the status of your application in real time.

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